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5 Biggest “Bang For Your Buck” Properties In Oklahoma

Updated: Dec 29, 2018

Here at Online Land Hub, we strive to offer the tracts of land at the best prices so you can make your dreams a reality. Properties are going fast in multiple states we offer, but there are still plenty of options to choose from, in particular the state of Oklahoma. So for this blog, we’re going to list the five best properties that give you the best bang for your buck, combining price with the amount of land you can purchase. Everyone is looking for a great, affordable deal and these are some of our best.

5. Legacy Ranch, Love County – $376.17 for 7.55 Acres

Love County makes our list due to its convenience to major markets like Dallas-Fort Worth and Oklahoma City. Less than two hours from either destination, you’re never too far away from major cities, airports, & events, but for less than $380 a month, you can still have a property that will make you feel like you’re much further away from the real world. This is perfect for first time land owners that are debating just how much they want to be away from the world. Also, you’re less than a half hour away from the “World’s Largest Casino, Winstar World Resort, where you can win big and use those winnings to add on to what you’re buying the land for.

4. Trophy Ridge III, Pushmataha County – $235.10 for 7.12 Acres

Tucked away in the southeast portion of Oklahoma, there is a lot to like about Trophy Ridge. Easy access to both Texas and Arkansas, which are just a couple hours away. This is a hunter’s paradise with mountainous terrain everywhere. A new road system was just implemented into this area which leads to easy access to all tracts in the area, and you’re just an hour away from the popular Hugo Lake State Park. For $235 a month, this is the perfect location for someone that really wants to feel like they’re on their own piece of land and away from everything and everyone else.

3. Stone Creek (Phase II), Latimer County – $215.67 for 5.9 Acres

Just north of the previously mentioned Pushmataha County, Latimer County should excite a lot of potential buyers when they hear it is known as “Big Deer Country”. This area is the quintessential “something for everyone”. Whether you want to hike, hunt, horseback ride, walk, ATV, rock climb, or simply breath in that fresh air every morning, for just about $215 a month, all that can be yours. There will be more from Latimer County later, so stay tuned if you want to know more about this area!

2. Indian Ridge II, Pittsburg County – $311.28 for 14.78 Acres

Bumping up just to the west of our last two counties, Indian Ridge in Pittsburg County offers the most amount of land per tract, which is truly what “most bang for your buck” is all about. For just over $300 a month, you can feel more in a land of your own than anywhere else, but also

be in the county that offers such tourist spots like the Whispering Meadows Vineyards, Arrowhead State Park, Choctaw Casino McAlester, & popular Great Balls of Fire amusement center filled with arcades, bumper cars, & bowling. This would be the perfect area for someone that wants to build with a family in mind as with all that land and the places to go nearby, this is perfect for all ages. Be prepared to drive with something that has 4WD when you come to this area though!

1. Stone Creek (Phase III), Latimer County – $187.65 for 10.59 Acres

All of the properties that you can find on Online Land Hub are sure to help you achieve the goal or dream you have in mind. However, there are certain deals that are too good to be true and this fantastic spot in Latimer County is exactly that. You can have a fantastic plot of land for all your recreational desires for less than $200 a month! What more needs to be said? As stated above, this is the area for someone that likes to do a little bit of everything, as everything comes to you here in Stone Creek. If you’re feeling even more adventurous, there is a paragliding company based in this county that you can check out! This area is also home to the Robbers Creek State Park, which is famous for its caves that were known to hideout the likes of Jesse James & Belle Starr during their outlaw days.

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